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Why I did a DNA test with Ancestry

I did a DNA test with Ancestry because I wanted to try and break down some brick walls. I did the test and had more questions than answers.



  • 2 New Ancestor Discovery
  • 16 DNA Circles
  • 59 Shared Ancestor Hints (Green Leaf)
  • 158 pages
  • 205 4th cousins or closer


I think the DNA ethnicity is fun! I think the range is too broad. It was fun to compare with my other family members. It’s great to get the Green Leaf for Shared Ancestor’s because then you are correct in your research. I wish it would catch various spellings.

What makes me mad!

People that took the DNA test and do NOT have a tree. What is the point by wasting the money and not building a tree? The trees can be built on Ancestry for free, you do not have to have or keep a paid subscription for that information. What costs is looking at and saving the documents to the tree. I don’t always keep a paying subscription. I only pay half price for my subscription when I have 1. I am currently waiting for that magical email with a discount! I use Family Search most of the time and usually because their search algorithm is better than Ancestry.

I know it is hard to find the time! I agree with that. The real world takes precedence like my living family and my job. Also, keeping a house clean and having fun. But, researching my ancestors is “FUN!” I can’t always search for my dead ancestors, although the are a lot quieter. I would rather that be my full time job but it doesn’t pay the bills. I also understand it is hard to contact people, return emails or messages. I am terrible at that also. I think about it but can’t always find the time or sit down and  type it up.

I understand the need to keep the tree private. If the person is marked living then the information won’t be displayed, if the tree is public. People steal pictures and act like they were the original owners but, I believe in sharing information. People don’t look at the information correctly or just copy trees and they don’t do it correctly. Yes, that happens…a lot from what I’ve seen. It helps to follow the paper trail of your ancestor along their journey. There are also the emotions if you were adopted. The more reason to make trees public is to get the correct information displayed. Although some people’s username has been more revealing and I’ve been able to figure out their tree, from that.  I kept mine private while I did some major cleanup on it. Then, I made it public and the benefit has been greater. I am fascinated with the DNA circles to see which family members match to an ancestor. I have 16! I love the potential of the ‘New Ancestor Discoveries.’ That the same DNA markings are shared and they have the same surname as some ancestors and are most likely related but trying to find the paper trail…is the issue. I finally had 2 show up for me personally and they showed up for my paternal grandfather also who has the most brick walls. Like I wrote earlier “more questions than answers.”


Please build a tree, if it only contains the names of grandparents, their parents names and so on. That would be more helpful than no tree. Or connect the tree that you have but have never connected it.

Thank You with a Big Shout Out to the people who have taken the DNA test, connected their tree, and it has names in it!!!

I’ve had my mother, father (I just sent in his test), my mother’s sister, maternal grandmother, paternal grandfather, and paternal grandmother take the test. Unluckily, my maternal grandfather passed away before he took the test. Having more people take the test has given different results and made it more interesting with a cherry topping of fascinating.

My Mother:


  • 0 New Ancestor Discovery
  • 10 DNA Circles
  • 60 Shared Ancestor Hints (Green Leaf)
  • 103 pages
  • 169 4th cousins or closer

I like looking at the difference in stats between my mom and her sister.

My Mother’s Sister, a.k.a My Aunt


  • 1 New Ancestor Discovery
  • 10 DNA Circles
  • 38 Shared Ancestor Hints (Green Leaf)
  • 115 pages
  • 235 4th cousins or closer

Maternal Grandmother:


  • 0 New Ancestor Discoveries
  • 5 DNA Circles
  • 33 Shared Ancestor Hints (Green Leaf)
  • 101 pages
  • 172 4th cousins or closer

Paternal Grandfather:


  • 6 New Ancestor Discoveries
  • 0 DNA Circles
  • 10 Shared Ancestor Hints (Green Leaf)
  • 241 pages
  • 404 4th cousins or closer

Paternal Grandmother:


  • 3 New Ancestor Discoveries
  • 6 DNA Circles
  • 55 Shared Ancestor Hints (Green Leaf)
  • 154 pages
  • 302 4th cousins or closer


Hopefully, more discoveries to come this year…



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