Amaneunsis Monday ~ MARY MONROE CAGE ~ LETTER ~ DECEMBER 9TH, 1877

Sharpsville, Ind

December th 9th 1877

Well Nan I will try and scratch you a few lines tonight if I can think of any thing to scratch about. We are all snotting around.  The snots is about to get the better of Tom. He is about to get down. He has been in bed the most of the day. I hope this will find the folks all well out there. We have been looking for a letter from out there for two months but we haint seen any yet. I expect you think I might too. I have been talking about it for a good while. I have been waiting to find some thing to write but I haint found any thing yet. I expect you begin to thik we have all starved to death we have had some tolerable cold days and some of the worst roads along this ditch you ever seen. Tom haint got his corn quite all gathered yet. He haint sold all of his hogs yet. He has sold six sows that was going to have pits. He has two in with his fattening hogs that have pigs.

Some around here have lost some of their hogs with the cholera. Two of Wotsons boys was down a while back. William Henry has been having the chills all fall. Mary Ellen haint got to come down to make us a visit yet. I am awful fraid she wont get to come down. Georges is well I guess I haint heard of any of them a being sick. I haint been up ther for a good while the roads along here have been so awful bad that a body couldent get a long. I must go up now pretty soon if it stays froze up. We killed a beef this last week. We want to kill our hogs this next week if Tom gets so he feels like it. George Woodward is boarding here and going to school. Ed is staying at Bill Humphries the most of the time. Bill is pretty grunty. He ahs been having the ague. I guess it is about to get the best of him. I guess I will have to quit and go to bed my eyes hurts so I cant see how to write any more to night. Tom feels better but feels a little like the ague. One of Mr Davis boys that lives there by Georges is sick. I guess he as the consumption. One of Mr Scherers girls is sick I guess she will hardly get well the Doctor said that he had done about all he could od. Our children is all as fat as pigs now you wouldnt know the baby now if you was to see her she is as fat as a pig her cheeks is red now in the place of being white she is a walking every where and beginning to talk every one that sees her say she is the prettest baby they ever seen (and she never stopped talking Stella and going at a run most of the time) Orphas is wearing pants Albert and Nora are going to school I would like to hear from Dave Maples if you see Sade tell her to come out a bout New Years and stay about a month. I want to put in a quilt. I would like to know of old Andy Maple has found his horse yet or not.

I have got part of a new dress to make it is plain black calico. I want to make a polynais to wear with my black dress. I wish I had your pattern. I dont make any butter to sell now but I think I will pretty soon. We will have afresh cow in a week or so and another next month. I sell some eggs once in a while. They are 18cts. Chickens aint worth any thing. I would like to sell a bout a dozen roosters. I have seven little chickens. Well I cant think of any thing else to write. Oh yes tell Buck his girl is (Couldn’t make out three words) here this morning tell hem I was glad to get his picture and I….(words cut off).

will write to him when I cant find any thing else to do. I must write to Dad the next one. I want you to write right away and give us all of the news. I will quite. All asleep but man and I fell like I wanted to be. So no more write soon.

Mary to Nancy Joes and all the rest

is John Humphries and Nannie Worland married? We heard once they was to but fizeled out.


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